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Digital Marketing

When You Hear The Word “Marketing”. What Comes in Your Mind Promoting And Selling Things?

Well, many of us are completely not aware of the actual meaning of marketing. In today’s world, things are digitalized. Brands, Business want to understand what is digital marketing? How the digital marketing works? if you are searching for the best free digital marketing certifications and thinking about what is the best course for digital marketing. What if you get top free online digital marketing courses in one place. Look at These top free digital marketing certifications courses.

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List of Top Free Digital Marketing Courses


If you are looking to build your carrier or you are brand or business learn this google free Digital Marking course to help your carrier and business. This best free Digital Marketing course is designed for beginners. google free Digital Marketing course includes 26 modules and it takes dedicated 40 hours to master the online free Digital Marketing course. The top free digital marketing course gives unlimited access to content and video tutorials. complete all practical exercises and real-world examples with a quick quiz at end of every video tutorial. Pass the final exam which contains 40 skills test questions. after successfully passing the exam get certified yourself. To get access to your certificate you have to download it, you can share it on Linkedin and put it on your resume.

Certificates always add value to your career. It shows that you have good knowledge of the concept of Digital Marketing. adding certifications to your CV not only adds value to your profile but increases the beauty of your CV. Learning new digital skills and getting certified shows that how much you are motivated to learn. These qualities help to improve a chance to get a job in the market. Getting certified also helps you to get promoted in your job or also you can transit your new career.

The best free online Digital Marketing certificate program by google is self-paced and created by google trainers.



What you will learn :

  • The online opportunity.
  • Your first steps in online success.
  • Build your web presence.
  • Plan your online business strategy.
  • Get started with search.
  • Get discovered with search.
  • Make search work for you.
  • Be noticed with search ads.
  • Improve your search campaigns
  • Get noticed locally.
  • Help people nearby find you online. Get notice with social media.
  • Deep dive with social media.
  • Discovered the possibilities of mobile.
  • Make mobile work for you.
  • Get started with content marketing.
  • Connect through E-mail.
  • Advertise on other websites.
  • Deep dive into display advertising.
  • Make the most of video.
  • Get started with analytics.
  • Fine success with analytic.
  • Turn data into insights.
  • Build your online shop.
  • Cell more online.
  • Expand internationally.


Alison offers the best free certification for Digital Marketing. Alison provides this course in partnership with top universities’ foundations and individuals across the world. These courses are designed for both beginners as well as intermediate. Alison’s best free certifications for digital marketing are designed in a such way that you can learn as per your schedule. To start one of the best free digital marketing training with Alison, register yourself and get access to the best free Digital Marketing course. Alison created this course in partnership with NPTEL and other foundations. these free online digital marketing courses include the various topics in detail with certification for each. This is specially designed for business. there are 10 different topics that will not only give you knowledge in detail but you will receive a certification for each course as well.



What you will learn :

  • Social networking and sentiment analysis in marketing.
  • Pricing and marketing mix modules in marketing analytics.
  • Marketing management Capturing marketing insights.
  • Introduction to marketing management.
  • Tourism marketing and promotion.
  • Segmentation and demand focusing in marketing analytics.
  • Marketing management Analysing. Competitors and customers.
  • Introduction to advertising.
  • Introduction to modern retailers and consumers.
  • Build WordPress sites that attract free traffic


Linkedin learning provides the best free Digital Marketing certifications. There is a number of free courses are available on the Linkedin learning platform. If you want to start from scratch and want to become a Digital marketing specialist then pick up a become a digital marketing specialist course from Linkedin learning. The top free Digital Marketing courses by Linkedin learning taught you how to use your analytical and tactical skills and use and develop new opportunities. this is a self-paced course and provides you hands-on training in google analytics and ads. This course contains 11 items and needs 20 hours 55 minutes to complete. you will receive a certificate, once you are done with the course.



What you will learn :

  • Digital Marketing foundation.
  • Google universal analytics. Essential training.
  • SEO foundation.
  • Google ads essential training.
  • Content marketing foundation.
  • Social media marketing foundations.
  • Marketing on Facebook.
  • Marketing on Instagram.
  • Social media marketing strategy and optimization.
  • E-mail and Newsletter marketing foundations.
  • Introduction to graphics design.


If you are into the content profession or content producer or looking to become an effective content marketer and looking for which certification is best for Content Marketing, start with HubSpot academy. this online learning platform offers various marketing courses at free of cost with certification. You can start with a content marketing course and get certified after successful completion of the course. this is one of the best certifications for Content Marketing.

This course includes 12 lessons with 56 videos. you need dedicated 6.20 hours to complete. it also includes 11 quizzes to check your understanding. you will earn a certificate from HubSpot academy once you done with the course.



What you will learn

  • Content creation framework.
  • Create and Repurpose content.
  • Content marketer Strategy.


Facebook blueprint provides a number of free online marketing courses with certifications. The course offered by Facebook blueprint is self-guided and absolutely free. you can enroll and learn Digital Marketing skills and how to use it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsaap, and Messenger. There are many best free online Digital Marketing Certifications are available online. learn these Digital Marketing skills from one of the well-known social media marketing platforms. Facebook offers many professional certifications. learn digital marketing by becoming a Facebook certified professional.      




What you will learn :

  • Prepare to bring your business online.
  • Establish your presence
  • Attract an audience
  • Build a relationship
  • Improve your creative strategy
  • Optimize your efforts.