Top 50 Google Free Courses To Look In 2021

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Google is not only a search engine but also a great online eLearning platform to learn many things, including free courses with free certifications.

How many of you, aware about google online eLearning platform?, are you the one ?

We all use google to search our queries but have you ever thought, google can be your best learning platform?

If not you will start wondering with this article, I will take you through Google’s different learning platforms.

Google always contribute to educating people at almost free.

Google has a online learning platform which provides you a free certification.

So, Feeling excited and interested?

Lets get started,

Today, we will look at googles Top 50 online free courses with free certifications

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Google Analytics Academy

 Google provides a top 6 analytics free courses. where, you can learn all about google analytics, google data studio and google tag manager.

These all free courses is a great combination of video content, lessons and assessments.

Learn all googles measurement tools with google analytics academy & grow your business by learning it.

Start learning about intelligent data collection and analysis with these measurement tools.

1) Google Analysis for Beginners   
2) Advanced google Analytics  
3) Google Analytics for power users 
4) Getting started with google analytics 360  
5) Introduction to data studio
6) Google Tag Manager Fundamentals  

Create your profile with a google analytics academy, complete your course & get a 80% or higher score on each assessment you complete.

You will receive a certification, which will be automatically added to your google analytics academy profile on completion.

Added certification can be easily shared on your LinkedIn, Resume

Google Analytics Mini- Courses 

Look at these Mini Courses provided by google Marketing Platform Analytics.

Theses Analytics mini courses are available on you tube

Start mini courses and learn how to create your account

Learn about setting up your first report, Tag or Test.

How to use google Analytics for firebase, google optimize, google tag manager and many more.

7) Getting started with google analytics for firebase.
8) Getting started with google tag manager. 
9) Getting started with google optimize 
10) More google analytics playlists 

 Google Skillshop 


Google has a another learning platform called as google skillshop.

you get a free access to all courses to develop your skills at your own pace.

skillshop is a place where, you can grow your knoweledge.

Get professional value with these on demand flexible training & get to know about google ads and more.

Look at these 20+ free courses provided by skillshop, which is document based and get a free certification.

you can access your free certification once you complete your course and pass your each assessment.

Let’s explore, all topics on which google skillshop provides 20+ free training courses.

Learn about google ads, how to advertise your business online.

Gain a skills in how to search, display, video, shopping ads, apps, measurement and become a google ads certified.

lets have a look at google ads certification free courses.

25) Google Ads Certifications  
26) Apply your Google Ads knowledge  
27) Build Upon Your Google Ads Expertise  
28) Google Ads Search  
29) Google Ads Discovery  
30) Google Ads Display  
31) Google Ads Video  
32) Shopping Ads  
33) Google Ads Measurement  
34) Google Ads Apps  
35) Mobile  
36) Smart Campaigns 
37) Google Ads Tutorial Series 

Google are providing set of training courses for students, educators and school leaders.

Life long learners and dedicated educators can have a look at these free online trainings for higher education and teacher center.

Higher Education  

38) Become a more resourceful student  
39) Effective Engagement with your students 
40) Explore cloud computing  

If you are looking to become certified in google marketing platforms, this is perfect place to learn all about googles marketing.

Below is the list of free marketing courses provided by the google marketing platforms.

51) Google Marketing Platform Certification Exams  

52) Display & Video 360  

53) Search Ads 360  

54) Campaign Manager 360  

55) Creatives  

56) Google web designer  

57) Programmatic concepts  

58) Mobile  

59) About google marketing platform  

Google Digital Garage 

Start growing with google free programme, available on google digital garage platform. there are total 156 courses on different categories.

Theses categories includes digital marketing, career development , data and tech with free and paid certification.

Google digital garage allows you to filter courses by categories, course length, certification , course difficulty and course provider.

This google eLearning platform provides courses from various others course provider.

Sample certificate provided by google

Lets, have a look at free courses created by the google.

72) Fundamentals of digital marketing  

73) Get a business online 

74) Make sure customers find you online  

75) Promote a business with online advertising  

76) Expand a business to other countries  

77) Connect with customers over mobile  

78) Promote a business with content  

79) Understand customers needs and online behaviours 

80) Build confidence with self promotion  

81) How to enhance and protect your online campaign  

82) Land your next job  

83) Understand the basics of code  

84) How to increase productivity at work  

85) Understand the basics of machine learning  

86) Improve your online business security  

87) Intro to digital wellbeing  

88) Machine learning crash course  

89) Google cloud computing foundations  

90) Getting started: create and manage cloud resources  

91) Perform foundational infrastructure tasks in google cloud  

92) Perform Foundational data, ML and AI Tasks in google cloud  

93) Build a website on google cloud