Springboard Data Science Bootcamp Review: worth it?

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This Springboard data science bootcamp review is going to discuss the best mentor-led online programs, their career support system, and job guarantee bootcamp.

If you are looking to transform your career into Data Science with industry-led job guarantee program, then this is for you.

Springboard is the data science bootcamp that allows you to pay only after you get a data science job, which is pretty impressive, isn’t it?           

Let’s explore job-focused programs then?

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Springboard Data Science Bootcamp Review: worth it?

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About Springboard data science bootcamp

Springboard offers  job guarantee data science bootcamp. this is six month, online, live one to one mentorship and career focused program.

Springboard is a switchup winner and has received the BEST BOOTCAMP AWARD from switchup.

This data science bootcamp is designed in partnership with the datacamp, which gives you a 100 % money-back guarantee.

What is included in data science Bootcamp?

  • Free career assessment test
  • Unlimited mentor support
  • Access to the student community
  • Weekly mentor video calls
  • 500+ hours experts lectures
  • Group coaching calls
  • one to one coaching calls
  • Managers community support
  • 14 real-world projects
  • one on one mock interviews
  • Resume and Portfolio
  • Access to an employer network
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free Learning Paths
  • E-books and guides
  • Springboard library

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What You Will Learn

Springboard has a partnership with the industry experts so that you can learn the skills that the employers looking for.

Their 500+ hour curriculum contains videos, hands-on projects, articles, and career-related coursework.

  • Python Data Science Stack
  • Data Wrangling
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science at Scale
  • Statistical Inference
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering for Data Science
  • The Data Story

Job Guaranteed to get you in data science

Springboards provide you an unlimited one to one mentorship from industry experts, weekly meet with your personal mentor, also a many additional calls as per your need.

Build a 14 real-world projects, also develop a data science portfolio and Gain hands-on experience.

Springboard provides continuous support from career coaches and student advisors.

Springboard gives you a guarantee to get a data science job within 6 months OR you don’t have to pay anything.               

Capstone Projects

Springboard provides you two capstone project which is available on github.

you will get more additional small projects to get hands-on experience.

you can put it on your resume to show to future employers.


Springboards have a high bar for their mentors, they select only one in 12 applicants.

Springboards look at mentors’ technical expertise, video interview, guidance, and training.

you would be excited to know your personal mentors, wouldn’t you?

Look at some industry expert mentors’ profiles.

Springboard Data Science Bootcamp Review: is it worth doing it?

Career Services

Springboards help you to get the perfect job with their one-to-one career coaching.

Career coaching calls and mock interviews will help you to land your dream job.

Springboard also allows you to access all these career support services for 6 months even after your completion of the program.

Career support services help in job search strategy, building your data science network, resume, LinkedIn profile, finding the right job titles and companies.

It also helps in job interview preparation and negotiation of your salary.

Springboard Data Science Bootcamp Review: is it worth doing it?

Tuition Fees

Springboard gives you flexibility of full refund in tuition fees within 7 days if you are not happy with the course & did not get a job even after completion of your course.

Look at job guarantee eligibility terms –

If you are a women or a veteran, you get a scholarship.                             

Student Outcomes

2,300 + total students have enrolled in the data science bootcamp till now.

only 3% of job guarantee refund rate among the 328 eligible students and $25.8k+ pre & post average salary data provided by the students.

Springboard 77% of students received offers in core data science roles.

look at salary distribution based on offers received.

Springboards students who successfully transit their career in data science.

Springboards helped 10,000+ students to transform their careers into data, software, and design, etc.

Check out some success stories of students, who successfully transit their careers into data science.

We have verified the LinkedIn profiles of students who have started a job in data science.

Let’s explore some of those profiles,

Sunil Ayyappan

Before Springboard: Senior Technical Program Manager at Citi

After Springboard: Staff Technical Program Manager(AI) at Linkedin

Sunil has an overall 16 years of experience in programming, leadership, and management.

He shares his learning experience with springboard,

He likes the idea of monitoring your progress by the real data scientist week by week.

He says that this unique idea makes the course more effective. the mentorship was the reason behind choosing the springboard.

He stated that doing everything as per curriculum will not goanna help you to land your dream job.

You have to learn, prepare, practice and repeat until you don’t land your dream job.

He continues that, materials provided by the springboard can be found online.

But due to its sequenced, mini project, capstone projects and their mentorship really matters and stands out from other competitors.

Jonathan King

Before Springboard: Operations Supervisor at Minuteman Health, Inc.

After Springboard: Senior Healthcare Analyst at IBM

Jonathan made a successful transaction from operations supervisor to healthcare analyst at big MNC on completion of Springboard data science bootcamp.

He says about his learning journey with springboard data science bootcamp, it was challenging and also rewarding at the same time.

He and one of his friends found springboard is the right platform for their data science learning to start.

According to Jonathan’s learning experience, you have to be self-directed and need to make a genuine attempt to get success with a springboard.

He also advises current students, not to be afraid for asking help and seeking resources outside the bootcamp.

Peter Liu

Before Springboard: Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories

After Springboard: Business Intelligence Analyst

Peter Liu shares a wonderful experience with springboard, suggestions, and challenges during his projects, and also help from career coaches was the most beneficial factor for him.

A six-month money-back guarantee and monthly installment was the attraction to start with springboard, peter says.

He was a research scientist and started his learning with springboard as he wanted to broaden his career path into analysis.

Machine learning was the most challenging part for him but due to mentorship, his learning experience became wonderful.

Peter said working with his mentor was like friends or colleagues.

Jonathan Orr

Before Springboard: Graduate Student Researcher

After Springboard: Data Scientist at Carlisle & Company

Jonathan says while sharing his experience at springboard, he learns mathematical skills with mentor guidance and ample resources.

He also learned to code like never before and weekly updates with his mentor were an exciting discussion.

Springboard was recommended by one of his friends, worth it in the end.

The technical interview was the most challenging part for him at the end of the course.

Jonathan was a master’s graduate and with springboard, he lands up a job as a data scientist at a big MNC.

Diana Xie

Before Springboard: Ph.D. Graduate

After Springboard: AI/ML, Data Scientist at Rebellion Defense

Diana says that she choose springboard after a lot of research about review sites and decided to go with the springboard due to their excellent student reviews and

the flexibility provided by them.

She liked the human factor, advisers, coaches, the weekly sessions with the mentor, and also helps from other persons.

Deadlines were the most challenging part for her but under the guidance of their mentor, she managed to achieve her goals and completed the course within 2 months.

While learning through the Bootcamp, mentor interacting and scheduling calls with Springboard coaches/advisers was a very helpful factor.

she says, she really enjoyed working with her mentor and had great feedback to provide.

Diana advises the to learner that keep considering the things which motivate them and go with their learning style, self-paced nature of the course.