NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp 2021 Review: Is It Worth It?

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Are you on a hunt for Top Data Science Bootcamps Academy?

But, confused with the availability of N number of best data science bootcamps Academy in a market?

These top data science boot camps provide intensive data programs with great career support.

Today, we have come up with another NYC Data Science Bootcamp Review.

This Review article was created with the aim of helping a data scientist aspirant, choosing the best science bootcamps.

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Is NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp worth it in 2021

NYC data science academy name itself represents the main focus in the area of data science.

This 12 – week data science bootcamps provide full financing data science training with lifelong career support.

A career in Data Science:

Rated Best Bootcamp
Rich Curriculum Content
Industry informed
Career Services
Engaging Community

is NYC data science Bootcamp is the best?

NYC Data Science Academy is a winner of best data science Bootcamp 5 years Running received by SWITCHUP and course report.

This is the only coding Bootcamp that teaches you both Python and R for Visualization and Data Analysis.

NYC offers interactive distance learning and In-Person or Remote live data science bootcamps.

  • IN Person/ Remote live learning is a Full time 12 weeks data science bootcamp that needs 40+ hours per week to complete.
  • Interactive Distance Learning is 16-week full-time course that also needs 30 to 40 hours per week.
  • Interactive Distance Learning is a 24 weeks part-time course that needs 20 to 30 hours per week.

What do you learn in an NYC data science Bootcamp?

Learn data science with R, Python, Machine Learning, Big data, Deep Learning, Hadoop, Spark, Github, SQL, and some useful packages like ggplot 2, Pandas, Scikit Learn, dptyr, Caret, and Xgboost.

Data Science Toolkit
Data Analytics with python
Data Analytics with R
Business Cases in data science
Machine Learning I
Machine Learning II
Data Science: Advanced Topics
Capstone Project

Can you become a data scientist from an NYC data science Bootcamp?

Through Bootcamp become a data science professionals and develop your career in the fastest-growing career field.

This data Bootcamp provides In-Person/Remote or online live instruction.

NYC Data Science Bootcamp provides a job report of successful data professionals who transform their life through NYC Data Science Bootcamp review.

What is NYC Data Science Academy?

This is a New York City-based Proprietary school founded in late 2013.

For Companies, NYC Data Bootcamp provides corporate offerings, Hiring partners, candidate portfolios, and hire our graduates.

What Does NYC Data Science Academy do?

This New York based science Academy teaches and trains companies their employees, how to get better profit from the data.

This data science academy also provides a big data project consulting.

NYC Data Science Academy also has a huge conuting trained data scientist to industry.

who is NYC Data Science Academy for?

NYC Boootcamp for those who aims to become a data scientist, also a companies and their employees wants to get most out of the business data.

This data academy is also for them who dreams to start a career in a data science.

Data Science Academy

What do you need to know about NYC Data science academy?

NYC Academy prepares you as a data science professionals accross all industries.

This data related bootcamp is a new york licensed based state education department.

Where are NYC data science Academys campuses located?

It is located in a state of new york and do not have other campuses anywhere in the world.

They provide learning in three different ways.

  • In Person Learning
  • Remote Live
  • Learning
  • Interactive Onine Learning

What courses does NYC data science academy offer?

NYC Data Science offers Bundled courses, Individual courses for begineer, Inermediate and introductory courses.

NYC Data Science Academy Offerings:


  1. Data Science Bootcamp
    • Data Science with Machine Learning – Full Time
      Duration: 12 Week
      Cost: $17,600
    • Data Science with Machine Learning – Online
      Duration: 4-6 Months
      Cost: $17,600
  2. Data Analytics Bootcamp
    In Person/Full time
    Duration: 7 week,

Bundled courses:

  1. Bootcamp Prep
    • Introductory Python
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1466.67
    • Data Science with Python: Data Analysis and Visualization
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1466.67
    • Data Science with R: Data Analysis and Visualization
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $2066.67
  2. Data Science with Python
    • Introductory Python
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1444.00
    • Data Science with Python: Data Analysis and Visualization
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1444.00
    • Data Science with Python: Machine Learning
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1844.00
  3. Data Science with R
    • Data Science with R: Data Analysis and Visualization
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1931.00
    • Data Science with R: Machine Learning
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $1931.00
    • Data Science with R: Machine Learning
      Duration: Approx 1 month
  4. Data Science Mastery
    • Data Science with R: Machine Learning
      Duration: approx 1 month
      Cost: $-186.67
    • Data Science with Python: Machine Learning
      Duration: Approx: 1 month
      Cost: $1803.33
    • Big Data with amazon cloud, Hadoop/Spark, and docker
      Duration: Approx 1 month
      Cost: $2803.33
  5. Data Science Launchpad with python
    • Cost: $4770.00
    • Individual courses
    • Introductory Python
      Cost: $1510.50


  •  Data Science Python: Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Data Science R: Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Big Data with Amazon cloud, Docker, and Hadoop/Spark


  • Data Science Python: Machine Learning
  • Data Science R: Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning w/TensorFlow

Corporate offerings
Hiring Partners

Free Lesson:

Introduction to data science
Duration: 8 Hours
Cost: Free

is it hard to get into the NYC data science academy?

No, it is not too hard a getting into the NYC data science academy.

applicants with a master’s or Ph.D. degree in science, engineering, technology, or mathematics or equivalent experience will be considered.

They also considered students with Bachelor’s and non – STEM degrees.

How to get accepted into NYC data science academy?

Academy offered and filled on a first come first serve basis, you can apply for the data-related program online.

Once your application gets received by the NYC data science Bootcamp team, they will invite you for a video interview.

Video interviews help to connect and better understand student background and career goals.

There will be a technical assessment to complete by using any programming language to understand your thought process and technical knowledge.

Once you complete it, the admission process will take 7 to 10 business days to onboard you at the NYC data science Bootcamp.

How can you prepare for NYC Data Science Academy?

You do not require any special preparation to get into the NYC data science academy.

you need to provide your educational & work background details in the Bootcamp application.

Students need to complete self-assessment questions to test their familiarity and technical experience with data-related topics and data science tools.

Students will also go through a technical assessment to test their knowledge of programming languages.

How Much is Tuition at NYC data science academy? OR What does NYC data science Bootcamp cost?

NYC data science’s total tuition cost is $17,600.

Also, it depends on what courses/path you select tuition costs may differ.

How can you pay NYC data science academy tuition?

Students can make a payment by cash or credit card, check, or wire transfer.

NYC also provides third-party financing options to interested students.

They are partners with Ascent Fund and Climb credit.

International students are also eligible to apply for financial assistance through qualified co-borrower.

Does NYC data science academy offer a job guarantee? OR How Does NYC data science academy provide job search support

NYC Data Science Academy Job Placement:

NYC does not provide a job guarantee, students will get extensive job placement assistance throughout their lifetime.

Students will have individualized resume support and interview guidance.

data students will get access to events and the NYC data science academy network of hiring partners.

Career Services:

Personalized resume review (Three rounds)
Linkedin Profile Review
Career guidance sessions
Mock coding challenges
Technical & behavioral interview assistance
Feedback sessions with career advisors
one on one post-interview review
Lifelong access to hiring
Lifelong access to networking events with industry professionals
Complimentary access to meetups, workshops
Access to alumni presentations to foster industry relationship
Access to NYC data science academy’s alumni network
Access to NYC data science academy’s industry connections

Do companies hire from NYC data science bootcamps

Data science is a 25% fast-growing career field where data science professionals earn a median annual salary of $ 94,280.

NYC-DSA Bootcamp students get hired by their hiring partners.

NYC invites companies to become their hiring partners by allowing them to submit their job openings & giving them access to explore data science candidates through Job

portals, candidate portfolio and hire our graduate’s portals.

NYC Data Science Academy's Success Stories/ Alumni

NYC-DSA students successfully launched their careers in data science.

Lets, explore the success stories of NYC data science academy graduate students.

NYC Data Science Academy’s Alumni:

  • Domingos lopes, Software Engineer at Google.
  • Katie Critelli, Data Scienist at Deutsche Bank
  • Kathryn Bryant, Data Scientist at National Grid
  • Denis Nguyen, Data Scientist at Ameritas
  • Aravind Kolumum Raja, Data Scientist at Jio
  • Shin chin, Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Jason Liu, Research data scientist at Bosch.

Ratings and Reviews of NYC data science academy

NYC Data Science Bootcamp Ratings:

NYC Data Science Academy’s average rating based on the 331 reviews is 4.89/5.0 in 2021.

There are a number of reviews are available for the NYC data science bootcamp

Let’s explore some reviews provided by students on NYC portal & also by Switchup and coursereport.

Data Science Academy

“Sofia Wang who is Business Intelligence Analyst at The Trade Desk said NYCDSA given her valuable feedback on the section which was needed to improve her.”

“Brian Perez, Verified via Linkedin said, excellent and well worth bootcamp investment and career support and training provided by the NYCDSA”

Data Science Academy
Data Science Academy