Top Rated Data Science Bootcamps in 2021

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Data Science is a lucrative, Fascinating and Fast growing field, demand in every domain of business, finance, health science and public sector.

Data scientist deals with the large amount of data, uncover patterns and make predictions.

Data science bootcamps may land you job as a data analyst, data scientist, data engineer or data architect based on your interests and skills.

If you are IT professional, recent graduates or looking to career transition in data science, look at these top rated bootcamps to start your career in data science.

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1. WeCloudData

WeCloudData is the one of the top rated data science education and career service provider in the Canada.

WeCloudData provides a learning path and diploma programs with number of sequential courses.

Courses ranges from data science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering and Cloud Computing.

Specialized program by weclouddata provides full time 6 month course in data science, machine learning, Python, SQL and big data.

WeCloudData also offers the part time data science program online with live classroom.

This online data science program designed for the college/university graduates, career switchers and who want to learn data science skills.

Data science aspirants who are looking to gain real hands on industry experience & wants to get job in Data/AI industry.

WeCloudData hands-on data science program is designed by data science industry experts and hiring managers.

Gain real world experience by learning high demand skills through client projects, case studies and guest lectures.

WeCloudData has became a SWITCHUP WINNER and got the highest rating for data science bootcamp in the 2021.

Students will have the access to recruiting events throug out the program.

WeCloudData provides career support, network and referral opportunities to land data science dream job.

Course Features:
  • Available Online
  • Career service
  • Top Rated
  • Client Project
  • Case Studies
  • Recruiting events
  • Alumni networks
Learning Outcomes:
  • Acquire strong
  • Technical skills
  • Gain real world project experience
  • Become an excellent problem solver
  • Build killer portfolio and resume
  • Access hiring and referral network
  • Invest in your bright future
Switchup Rating : 5.0/5
Locations : Online, Toronto
Cost : $ 15400

2. Propulsion Academy

Propulsion Academy is EDUQUA Certified and also received a best data science bootcamps rating by switchup.

It has also rated by course report as best data science bootcamp in 2020.

Learn the latest technologies, tools and techniques required to master in the field of data science.

This Data Science curriculum designed to meet todays need of high demanded job market.

you can start your data science journey with top rated data science bootcamp.

Become a data scientist in 12 weeks by learning required data science skills.

Start learning Python, R, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP.

They also provides a free data science intro course which is self paced online tutorial.

To get into the data science bootcamp you need to go through application process.

Apply to the program by sending your CV or linkedin profile & give your first motivational interview.

Prepare for the technical interview & pass your technical interview, pay to secure your spot.

Make sure you complete your preparation work before you start with the data science bootcamp.

Course Features:
  • Available Online
  • Flexible Classes
  • Career Support
  • On site/Remote
  • Capstone project
Learning Outcomes:
  • Acquire strong
  • Technical skills
  • Gain real world project experience
  • Become an excellent portfolio and resume
Switchup Rating : 5.0/5
Locations : Online, Munich, Zurich
Cost : $10,900

3. CodingNomads

CodingNomads has received the best bootcamp winner award from switchup in 2021.

CodingNomads Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp designed for intermediate to advanced level students in Python and OOP coding.

Learn to solve problems, make a better decisions with data and methods to choose the best approach for your projects.

This data science bootcamps teach you to think through a problem & get the best solution for your particular task.

Learn to use machine learning stack, Jupyter Notebooks, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and scikit learn.

This data science bootcamp program takes 12 weeks and 5-15 hours per week based on students previous experience to complete.

CodingNomads data science bootcamp course curriculum focuses on data science tech stack, Model Evaluation & validation, supervised and unsupervised learning.

Student will have the 1 capstone project and 12 mini projects included in this program.

CodingNomads also provides the mentor guide which will be available through virtual meets, online chat, forum and phone.

Students can start by previewing data science and machine learning course for free.

CodingNomads have the different prices for the program you choose and will have the access based on program you select.

Mentor guide will help you to achieve your learning goals and know if you are doing right or wrong.

Also, learn faster and go deeper with the unlimited access with the mentorship.

Course Features:
  • Available Online
  • Flexible Classes
  • 12 DSML Labs
  • 24 Quizzes
  • 1 Capstone project
  • 12 Mini project
  • 120+ documentation pages
  • Mentorship guide
  • Data Science career tracks
Learning Outcomes:
  • Acquire strong
  • Technical skills
  • Gain real world project experience
  • Become an excellent problem solver
  • Invest in your bright future
Switchup Rating : 5.0/5
Locations : Online,
Cost : $ 2499

4. Practicum by Yandex

This is another top rated best online bootcamp 2021 by switchup and course report.

Become a data scientist in 9 months with this data science bootcamp program.

Practicum offers online and part time bootcamps which is designed by Yandex.

Yandex is one of the worlds top tech companies which provides you a data science bootcamp with Money-back guarantee.

Curriculum offered by yandex makes a student ready for all aspects of the Industry.

Practicum aims to prepare you to break into data science & get you a job.

Start your journey by learning skills in Python and essential libraries, statistical hypothesis testing, Machine learning, Natural language processing, computer vision, SQL.

Practicum also focus on soft skills to sharing your work and networking.

Practicum was designed by 20 years of industry experience engineers from yandex & drawing on this expertise to train next generation of tech experts.

Students can start with the 20 hour free intro course which includes real life business cases, this helps student to decide the program is right for them.

Practicum provides 15 projects to build solid portfolio and to attract employers.

Practicum also ensure that if you wont find a relevant position new job or promotion within six months of your graduating, they gives you a
money back guarantee.

Course Features:

  • Project with real company
  • Learning support team
  • Long course duration
  • Available Online
  • Flexible Classes
  • Upfront price
  • Career prep
  • Switchup rating
  • Detailed code review
  • 15 Project portfolio
  • Money back guarantee

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire strong technical skills
  • Gain real world project experience
  • Become an excellent problem solver
  • Invest in your bright future
Switchup Rating : 5.0/5
Locations : Online,
Cost : $ 4000

5. Data Science Dojo

Join one of the most trusted data science bootcamp offered by Data Science Dojo.

This data science bootcamp is remote training program help you to succeed in the world of data science.

Their comprehensive curriculum are best in the industry which offers pre work to get started.

Pre-training tutorials by dojo makes the student ready for the training.

Curriculum covers the war stories, data fundamentals storytelling and exploration and visualization techniques to tell meaningful stories.

Dojo provides a 5 days in person and 14 weeks online data science bootcamp which also covers the machine learning concepts.

Learn Practical data science and get trained in machine learning, engineering with challenging real world exercises.

Bootcamp designed for all industries which includes a set of exercises, along with a kaggle competition to keep learner motivated during the bootcamp.

Dojo provides hassle free programming by access to cloud based Jupyter Notebooks, code from anywhere.

Code from your browser without programming set up with just working internet connection.

Continued learning even after end of your program, you will have access for tutorials, demos and exercises to help you to keep learning.

Learn and practice all the fundamental mathematical and statistical skills, which is need of todays data scientist.

Learn the techniques for regression, clustering and text analytics with the hands of experience in Python and R.

Develop expertise in cross validation techniques, machine learning libraries and deploy a model in real world products.

Dojo introduced to modern topics such as big data, real time analytics, internet of things & right evaluation metrics, KPIs relevant to use cases.

Dojo has the partnership with leading institutes which provides you finance for your learning.

Earn a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico, after completion of your bootcamp.

Course Features:

  • Available Online
  • Flexible Classes
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Dedicated Office Hours
  • Strong Alumni Network
  • Learning Finance
  • Earn a Certificate
  • Post Bootcamp Tutorials

Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire strong technical skills
  • Gain real world project experience
  • Become an excellent problem solver
  • Invest in your bright future
  • Earn a Certificate
Switchup Rating : 5.0/5
Locations : Online, Austin, Barcelona, NYC, Albuquerque
Cost : $ 3039