How to Become a Data Analyst

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Thinking to start your data journey?

Looking for platform or free resources to get it start today.

As a data aspirant you have decided to start your data career or looking to transit your current career into world best booming data industry, then this is the perfect place to start.

As a fresher in the field of data, we have lot of questions in mind before we start our journey in data science.

Lack of proper guidance or resource many of us fail to choose right path to become a Data Analyst.

As a beginner, if you are totally confused whether to go for paid courses, get a certifications from renowned institute by investing lacks.
Gaining knowledge from free resources is enough to start a data journey or land a data analyst job.

Today, we are going to look at all the possible ways and free resources to start our data journey.

Also, we will cover up some important questions which comes in a mind of every data aspirant before they start their data journey.

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How to Become a Data Analyst in 2021

To become a data analyst, there are certain things we need to consider or look where you fit into and what skills you have to add in your profile to pursue your career in data science.

Aspirant needs to earn a bachelor degree in a computer science, math or statistics. also, get a masters degree in data science & data analytics.

Students from this background can get a entry level data analyst job or can start with internship in data science after their masters.

Fresher’s or professionals who do not have degree in data science, computer science, or statistics and looking for career transition, can learn data analytics skills.

Enroll into free courses which covers data analytics skills and gain a certification. do hands on project to get real time experience.

Apply for data analyst internship and there is high chance to get a full time Job as a Data Analyst.

How to Become a Data Analyst with NO Experience?

Today we have seen tremendous changes in the IT industry, people from different background looking to transit their career in data science with no experience in the industry.

If you are a person with no relevant experience in data science or coming from different background with some years of experience in different industry, you can start with online courses in data analysts.

If you are completely beginner, start browsing some free resources to get into, understand the complete profile, make your foundation strong by doing some free courses in the subject.

Once, your foundation becomes strong, you can think of considering some recognized certification from renowned institute. gets on hands on experience with real time projects.

Start freelancing work to gain experience and put it on your profile to stand out, apply for internship and turn your internship into full time job opportunities.

Data Analyst Qualifications

To become a data analyst, you should have degree in computer science, Math or statistics. get a specialization in data analysis, do masters in data science.

Skills Required for data analysts

 Technical Skills 

  1. Programming Languages(Python/R/SAS):
    • you should be proficient in one programming language having working knowledge of few more languages will be a plus point.
    • Data Analyst work on programming languages such as Python R and SAS for data gathering, data cleaning, data visualization and statistical analysis.
    • Data analyst works on data mining, unstructured data and also they work on data cleaning and processing through programming.
  2. Database Querying Language:
    • Data analysts uses most common querying language is SQL. data analyst work on SQL databases to create databases, tables, for storing information and pulls information from different tables and also to perform data analysis.
    • Data analyst creates data warehouse by connecting databases from multiple sources, find and manage a data by using query languages.
  3. Data Visualization:
    • Data analyst uses visuals to represent data, every data analyst must understand the types of graphs and know the which charts to use.

Soft Skills 

  1. Creative and Analytical Thinking:
    • Data analyst should be creative and curious to learn and should have a analytical mind to solve problems. data analyst should have a strong foundational skills in statistics.
    • Data analyst deals with questionnaires and generate a interesting research with the critical thinking.
  2. Strong and Effective Communication:
    • Data Analyst should be excellent in communication to provide accurate and detailed information to the decision makers.
    • Data analyst works with the client to understand their business processes, their requirement and understand the data. data analysis done by the data analyst improves the business processes. excellent communication skills are very important to collaborate with the clients, IT specialists and executives.

Data Analyst Job Description

Data Analyst uncover the trends and business insights by gathering, cleaning data and creating dashboards. also, a designing and maintaining relationship databases.

Data Analyst works with the different departments and maintains the systems throughout the organization.

Day to day activities of data analyst may varies industry or company or the types of data analytics.

Data Analyst find trends, correlations and patterns in a complex data and identify the new opportunities to improve process.

Data Analyst work with management, IT teams and data scientists to determine the goals of organization.

They use standard statistical techniques and tools to analyze and interpret results. also they gather data from primary and secondary sources to mine and clean the data.

Data Analyst creates visualization and reports and communicate to key stakeholders.

Data Analyst uses a business intelligence software, Tableau, Power BI and programming.

Data Analyst Salary

Salary of a data analyst varies to level of position, education, skills, location, years of experince and on job responsibilities.

A senior level data analyst with the years of experince and skills can earn a high price.

Salaries for Data Analysts:

Average salary for:

Entry Level Data Analyst: $83,750

Mid Level Data Analyst: $100,250

Senior Data Analyst: $118,750-$142500