How To Join Merchant Navy After 12th

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Many students after 12th science choose their career in Medical or engineering. if you are a science student and passed your higher secondary education if you do not like working from 9 to 5 and looking for something exciting career. How about living life in a floating city? love to explore the wild oceans? if you love to cross foggy tides then you are in the right place. Yes, I will help you to choose an exciting career that will let you do all that while getting paid.

Are You Excited?

Merchant Navy! yes, I am talking about the merchant navy. joining Merchant Navy will be an exciting career for you.

before joining In this course you should know what is merchant navy? why choose Merchant Navy as a career? How to join Merchant Navy? which institute/universities offer merchant navy courses? I will walk you through all the information you need while joining the merchant navy.

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What Is Merchant Navy?

Merchant Navy refers to transport goods from one place to another. it is a part of the country’s commercial shipping.

Transporting cruise liners, cargo ships, tankers, and hovercraft, etc. 95 % of goods Transportation is carried out through ships all over the world.

So, what work do people do on ships and what are career options are available in the merchant navy?

carrying goods from one place to another is done through ships. for loading goods on ships they required officers. ships are also navigated and for navigation need lot of skills.

Ships need to be maintained properly as they ply on saltwater. for all these jobs Deck officers are required.

To maintain engines, generators, and other machinery they also required Marine Engineers.

These all jobs are carried out on board a ship, officers or Engineers would spend 4 to 6 months on board.

Once his/her duty is over, officers or engineers get 3 to 4 months of holiday to enjoy with their families.

Why Choose Merchant Navy As A Career?

If you are thinking about why to choose Merchant Navy as a career here is the reason to choose Merchant Navy as a career.

It is an exciting and Adventurous profession, it is a high-paying job at a young age, opportunities to see the world.

There is job security, it offers long holidays, Excellent accommodation, and a variety of foods on board a ship.

How To Join The Merchant Navy?

After 12th science with PCM group or also after completing your engineering degree in Mechanical you can join the Merchant Navy.

Age should be between 17 to 25. there is some relaxation for the reserved candidates. you have to write an entrance exam to get admission to the college.

You can join the government as well as a private college, it based on your choice and marks you get in the common entrance exam.

Top Government Merchant Navy Colleges In India

1. The Indian MaritimeUniversity – Kolkata



Marine Engineering and Research Institute (previously known as DMET)

MERI is the oldest Maritime Institute in India by the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. earlier it was known as DME (Directorate Of Marine Engineering Training).

Later in 1995 by the government of India, it was renamed as “Marine Engineering and Research Institute”. every year 280 cadets intake can be taken by the institute.

For Maritime Education, it is one of the Best institutes all over the world. this institute received the “Gateway award of Excellence in Maritime Education” Award in 2010.

This university has many campuses and also has an affiliated Institute.

List Of Courses Offered By Indian Maritime University

UG Programmes
  • B.Tech (Marine Engineering) – 4 Years
  • B.Tech (Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture ) – 4 Years
  • B.Sc (Nautical Science) – 3 Years
  • BBA (Logistics, Retailing & E-Commerce) – 3 Years
  • Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc. (Applied Nautical Science) – 1 Year
  • B.Sc (Ship Building & Repair) – 3 Years
PG Programmes
  • MBA (Port and Shipping Management) – 2 Years
  • MBA (International Transportation and Logistics Management) – 2 Years
  • M.Sc (Commercial Shipping & Logistics)- 2 Years
  • M.Tech (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering) – 2 Years
  • M.Tech (Dredging and Harbour Engineering) – 2 Years
  • M.Tech (Marine Engineering & Management) – 2 Years

Admission Start Date: May/June 2021

To more updates you can visit:

2. Department Of Marine Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

Andhra University is a 94-year-old educational institutions.

It is established in the year of 1926 by the Madras Act of 1926. it is a center of learning of Marine Engineering. In 1981, The Marine Engineering course was started.

For the engine/Deck cadets of DCI, the training programme was started in 1977. to cater to the needs of Hindustan Shipyard Limited, Naval Science Technological Labs, National Ship Design and Research Center, Indian Navy.

Visakhapatnam Port Trust in 1981, a four-year BE (Naval Architecture) degree course was introduced. on self-finance basis, a four-year B.Sc.(Marine Engineering) the course as started in 1999.

List of courses offered by Department of Marine Engineering, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam:

UG Programme

  • B.E. ( Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering ) – 4 years

PG Programme

  • M.E. Degree Course (Marine Engg & Mechanical Handling) – 2 years
  • M.Tech (Naval Architecture) Evening Course – 2 years


You can get admission on the basis of marks obtained in the common entrance exam AUCET.
For Admission and the latest update you can contact the department at
3. Department Of Ship Technology, Cochin University Of Science And Technology.



It is one of the best Universities in the field of Naval Architecture education in this country.

To create a new and dynamic generation of Naval Architects to meet the requirements of the Indian Shipbuilding Industry.

The Department of ship Technology was established in 1975. with the collaboration of Rostock University, Germany

The Department has developed important milestones. Undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the department in the Naval Architecture and Ship Building.

List of courses offered by Department of Ship Technology, Cochin University of Science and Technology:

UG Programme

  • B.Tech Program (Degree in Naval Architecture and Ship Building) – 4 years

PG Programme

  • M. Tech Program (CASAD)


To get admission to the Department of Ship Technology, Cochin University, you have to clear the common entrance exam CUSAT.

To get the latest update on admission,

please contact to

4. Central Institute Of Fisheries Nautical And Engineering Training




In 1963, The Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training as established. CIFNET, earlier known as Central Institute of Fisheries Operatives.

The Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training as established is the national institute.

The course offered by the Institute is Bachelor of Fisheries Science (Nautical Science) of 4-year duration. The Institute also offers various Short term training programs for the benefit of fishermen.

List of courses offered by Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training.

UG Programme

  • Bachelor of Fisheries Science (Nautical Science) BFSc(NS) – 4 years

Short Term Training Programs

  • For Under Graduates/Post Graduate students of
    • Fishery colleges
    • Fisheries Technology
    • Fishery Biology
    • Refrigeration & Equipment Engineering
    • Fishing Vessel Engineering
    • Seamanship & Navigation
    • Oceanography & Meteorology
  • For M.Tech. / B.Tech Students
    • Marine Diesel Engine and associated system
    • Marine Engineering
    • Marine Refrigeration
    • Marine Electro Technology
    • Power Generation and Distribution onboard ships
    • Marine Electronic equipment and Power supplies


Admission to BFSc(NS) course is offered based on the All India Entrance examination conducted at various centers in the country.
12th science passed with 50 % marked in PCM or PCB. for VNC/MFC and BFSc(NS), Last date to receive an application with the required document is on July. for more info you can visit