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As working professionals or being students we always look for free courses.

There is a number of online learning platforms are available on the internet.

They offered you the flexibility to learn without quitting your job. many offer certification as well diploma courses and we spent a huge amount of money.

Sometimes we fall behind well-known reputed institute Names which offer some courses in collaboration with an online learning platform. but we can’t afford their huge amount of fees.

What if you get a chance to learn some top courses from the reputed prestigious institute with highly qualified teaching staff online for free?

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What is IISC IOT Free Course?

IISc offering a free online course on Design for the internet of things.

IISc stands for Indian Institute of Science Bangalore is a well-known premier institute in India.

The Indian Institute of Science Bangalore is one of the oldest public universities. IISc offers higher education in Engineering, Management, Design, and Science.

The Indian Institute of Science is one of the Top research excellence universities across the globe.

Recently IISc got a place in the world’s top research university ranking in QS world university rankings. IISc ranked as one of the top research universities in the world.

IISc Bangalore launched IOT course in collaboration with NPTEL.

IISc Free Online IOT Course

Design for Internet of Things NPTEL

The Indian Institute of Science Bangalore offered this course online on the Swayam platform.

The course is created by one of the top instructors from the Indian Institute of science. Prof. Prabhakar TV will be your instructor for this IOT course.

Prof. Prabhakar works as a faculty at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. He is a Principal Research Scientist.

Prof. Prabhakar is an MSc(Phy, Engg) and Ph.D. holder. his area of work is Networked Embedded Systems.

IISC IOT Course Curriculum

Course Name : – Design for the internet of things
Course Type : – Elective
Course Duration : – 8 weeks
Course Start Date : – 26 July 2021
Course End Date : – 17 Sep 2021
Course Exam Date : – 26 Sep 2021
Enrollment Ends : – 02 Aug 2021
Course Level : – Postgraduate
Category : – Electrical, Electronics and Communications
Engineering, Control & Instrumentation

What is Internet of Things?

IIsc IOT Course


Internet of Things known as IOT is an internet-connected object using an embedded system with sensors, software, and technologies with the purpose of connecting and exchanging information.

Learn an overview of IOTs, the design of smart objects, and their services.

In this course, you will learn about longevity/energy design, Introduction of system design. this Design for the Internet of Things course contains a small video that can display a prototype.

This course will teach you how to make the right choice of protocols, software, and hardware for the proposed application.

IISC IOT Course Duration

Design for internet things by IISc is an upcoming course that will be available on the NPTEL swayam platform. Join the course now, the start of this course is 26 July 2021.

The course duration of this course is 8 weeks. the course will be ending on 17th Sep 2021. there will be an exam conducted by NPTEL on 26th Sep 2021.

IIsc IOT Course

IISC IOT Course: How to Enroll?

The Design for the internet of things is an elective type, of course, you can enroll in the course now, enrolling will be ending on 2nd august 2021.

Students from Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering can enroll in this course. Students from other backgrounds and interested to learn can also enroll in this course.

There are number of 1400+ students already enrolled in this course. so, what are you waiting for? Join the course now and start learning from one of the top instructors from IISc.

The course offered by IISc in collaboration with NPTEL on swayam platform is completely free to enroll and access the material.

But if you are looking for certification then you have to write an exam conducted by NPTEL. also the exam conducted by NPTEL is not free at cost.

You have to pay exam fees of rupees one thousand only. this exam is proctored. Register yourself and write the proctored exam conducted by NPTEL.

IISC IOT Course: What you will learn

Design for the internet of things is a postgraduate level course offered by IISc which contains 2 credit points, this course is AICTE approved and FDP course.

  • Introduction to IOT
  • Addressing the power challenge
  • System design for low power
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Power management algorithms
  • IOT Protocols
  • Low Power wireless technologies
  • Low Power wire area technologies

IISC IOT Exam Overview:

The exam for IOT course offered by IISc will be held at any designated exam center. you have to visit the center to appear in this proctored exam.

There can be changes in conducting of the exam due to this corona pandemic. regularly visit the swayam platform to get more information regarding exam location.

IIsc IOT Course

NPTEL conducts this exam mostly on Sunday. giving the exam is optional. if you are looking for knowledge then you can attend the course and complete it.

But if you not only looking for knowledge but looking to get certified, then an exam needs to be given. pay the required fees for the exam and receive certification after successfully passing your IOT exam conducted by NPTEL.

This exam is available in two sessions. Morning and Evening session. Morning Session timings are from 9 am to 12 noon and the afternoon session timings are from 2pm to 5 pm.

NPTEL has announced exam dates for this course. the exam will be held on 26th Sep 2021 in the morning and afternoon session. there is flexibility to choose your exam session as per your schedule.

NPTEL IOT Course Registration 2021

For registration three is no link available on the platform. There will be an announcement regarding the registration form when the registration is open for registrations.

Registration form filling and exam fees need to be paid online. they will publish the links and more details on portals. regarding exam centers, please visit and read and agree on the conditions when you will fill the form online.

IOT NPTEL Certification

Criteria to get a certificate is scoring an average score in both assignments and in the exam. There are a total of eight assignments in the course.

Out of eight assignments you need to score 25% of the average score in six assignments. 75 % exam score out of 100 need to achieve.

The final score will be calculated based on the average assignment score and exam will eligible only once you met one of the criteria to get a certificate.

Even if you score more than required in the final exam and not met one of the satisfying criteria from the two criteria, you will not get the certificate.

Certificate is available at Certification you will receive with your name, your photograph, logos of IISc and NPTEL, and final exam score.

This certification is e-verifiable and only made available at the portal. there will be no hard copies to dispatched.

IIsc IOT Course