How to Learn Excel For Data Analysis in 2021

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Data is flowing everywhere. Data is most important factor for every business. If you are a person who likes to play with data. Who wants to bring meaningful insights and looking what can be done with the data. You are completely new & looking where we can play with the data or Tool to use to play with the data. Excel can be a perfect tool to start with. As a working professional, you might know how much excel is important in any organization.

There is a number of Tools or Software used in the organization. Excel is still the most preferred tool or software across the world. Learning excel will never harm you. Excel is very vast and there are many things to learn. Start from simple calculation to interactive dashboards.

If you are into Data Profession or want to build a career in the world of data. Start learning one of the most popular data analysis tools excel for data analysis.

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Data Analysis in Excel

Data Camp is the most trusted interactive and data skills online learning platform. Data Camp provides a number of courses, which include Non-coding to coding courses like start from excel to data science and Machine Learning. This best online learning platform specially designed for data skills learners. Data Camp gives the flexibility to pick up courses with career tracks or skill tracks.

Data Analysis in Excel offered by data camp taught from exploring to preparing to analyzing data. This is 4 hours of course with 12 videos. Data camp provides you more hand-on exercise with practice challenges and real-time projects. It more focuses on hand-on practice exercises. You have an Assessment to work on.



What you will learn 


  • The wonderful world of excel
  • What can excel do?
  • Data Analysis Steps
  • Setting up the environment
  • Navigating worksheet
  • Exploring Data
  • Looking for exact matches
  • Trimming your data
  • Table Sorting
  • Nesting functions
  • Understanding data types
  • Classifying data types
  • Changing the text
  • Rounding values
  • Preparing data
  • Cleaning text data
  • Joining text strings
  • Capitalizing words
  • Using upper & lower case
  • Extracting text from cells
  • Characters counting
  • Extracting text
  • Replacing characters
  • Preparing Date Data
  • Using the system Date
  • Working with dates
  • Finding the week-day
  • Figuring out the month
  • Most important functions
  • Finding Matching columns
  • Working with a range lookup
  • Using VLookUP
  • Analysing Data
  • Counting
  • Choosing right count function
  • Learning count
  • Counting blank cells
  • Excel great calculator
  • Math functions
  • Finding Minimum
  • Aggregating Data
  • Logic functions
  • Arguments of IF() function
  • Performing logical test
  • Taking IF() to the next level
  • Conditional aggregation
  • Finding unique values
  • Counting Projects
  • Determining the average
  • Wrap up

Learning Excel Data Analysis

Learn Excel data analysis with LinkedIn learning. This is one of the most popular courses, which takes you from foundational concept to Visualization data. Graphs, charts, hypotheses testing, and covariance & correlation between the data sets. Linkedin Learning is one of the most trusted online learning platforms. Complete all exercises, Videos, and chapter quizzes get access to certification. Linkedin gives an opportunity to give an exam and earn CPE credits. To get CPE credits, get a 70% or higher score on the final exam. Within one year of completion of the course, you have to complete your exam. Learn excel data analysis is a 2h 9m course, with 2 exercises and 33 Videos. As a beginner, you can start learning excel for data analysis with linkedin learning.



What you will learn


  • Introduction power of data analysis using excel
  • Foundational concept of data analysis
  • Visualize Data
  • Test a Hypothesis
  • Utilize Data Distributions
  • Measure covariance and correlation
  • Perform Bayesian Analysis

Excel Data Validation For Beginners

Learn data validation in excel with udemy online learning platform. Udemy provides a number of free as well as paid courses. This course is offered free of cost to learners who are interested to learn data validation in excel. This course will teach you how to use feature data validation in excel. Learn how to control inputs using data validation, data validation rules for numbers, dates, times & texts. How to build cascading data validation lists and how to use custom formulas for data validation. This course takes 1hr 22 mins to complete.



What you will learn


  • Introduction Data
  • Validation
  • Creating Data Validation Lists
  • Data and Time Controls
  • Text Controls
  • More Custom formula Tricks
  • More about Data Validation

Excel For Everyone: Data Analysis Fundamentals

If you are an experienced Excel user and looking to advance your skills then start learning excel for everyone with edx. This course is specially designed for Excel experienced users. Edx bought this course collaboration with the University of British Columbia. This course is created by one of the most experienced instructors from the university of British Columbia. this is 6-week course and put an effort of 2 – 4 hours per week to complete at your pace. There is only one session available course. Learn how to perform advanced data wrangling, analysis, and dashboard visualization. You need to audit this course for free access to course material.

What you will learn


  • Advanced Formulas and conditional logic
  • Analyze and report data
  • Automating complex & repetitive tasks
  • Advanced-Data Analysis
  • Workbook Collaboration
  • Automate workbook functionality
  • Protecting Workbooks
  • Formula Audits and Data Validation
  • Macros and Visual Basics
  • Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Professional Dashboards.

Data Analysis with Tables and Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel 2013

Alison is more popular for providing free courses. Start learning data analysis online free course. learn about pivot tables and tables using excel. this free course is mainly focus and covered tables, pivot tables and techniques of data analytics. how to use solver tool, scenario manager and goal seeks. Complete this course within the dedicated 3 to 4 hours. There are 4 modules and 19 topics with Assessment. Learn to create tables, table references, table styles, table selection, and data analysis. Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate absolutely free.

What you will learn


  • Creating Tables and Naming Tables.
  • Removing Duplicate Rows
  • Inserting Rows & Columns into Tables
  • Use of Table Styles, Reference and Selection
  • Principle of Pivot Table
  • Creating Pivot Table
  • Filtering Pivot Table
  • Data Analysis using pivot table
  • Use of Scenario manager
  • Use of goal seek
  • Use of Solver tool in Excel

Data Analytics For Decision Making: An Introduction to using Excel

Future Learn offered courses in collaboration with Bond University. Learn data analytics for decision-making using excel with future learning. This is self-paced and it requires 3 hours per week to complete the course. If you are a working professional and you have only a weekend to improve your skills, then start learning this course with future learn and complete it within two weeks and get certified. Use these skills to improve real-life decisions. This is an introductory course and designed for anyone who is interested in data analytics and techniques to improve business decision-making. This course is useful and applied to any industry sector including Marketing, Finance, Healthcare, and Sports. Learn method used for describing data, basic probability concept. What is data means and how it can be applied to decision-making.

What you will learn


  • Statistics and graphical techniques to describe Data
  • Concept of probability
  • Use of discrete random variables
  • Role of ethics in data analytics
  • Changing landscape of data science in the modern business world
  • Modern quantitative Tools for data analysis

Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis

Coursera is an American massive open online platform that offers courses and certifications. Coursera is one of the most used learning platforms. Their certifications are worldwide recognized and consider in organisation to showcase your skills. Enroll in excel fundamental for data analysis and start learning the most demanded skill. This course is designed for the intermediate who has knowledge about excel. Courser offers flexible deadlines to complete the course. There are 31 videos, 19 readings with 30 quizzes, and a one-hour assessment. Spend 17 hours to complete this course. For free access to this course apply for financial aid and get access to the full course for free.

What you will learn


  • Excel Tools and Functions
  • Clean and Prepare for data Analysis
  • Use Named Ranges and Tables to automate Analysis
  • Different types of data in Excel
  • Uses of appropriate functions
  • Use of logical & lookup functions
  • Transform, link, and categorize data

Wrap up –

We have seen 7 best excel courses for data analysis. These all free courses help you boost your knowledge in the field of data analysis. Using excel, how you can perform data analysis learn from this free resources. These excel free courses takes you from fundamentals to pivot table and data validation.